Absorb :1、吸收光、热、液体、气体等,2、又可指吸收知识等抽象概念的东西,可翻译为“吸收;理解”。Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and moisture from the soil.植物从空气中吸收二氧化碳,从泥土中吸收水分。 A household radiator absorbs energy in the form of electric current and releases it in the form of heat.家用暖气以电流的形式吸收能量,然后以热量的形式将其释放出去。 Too often he only absorbs half the information in the manual.通常,他对手册里的信息只是一知半解。


Digest :侧重在消化道内改变食物的化学结构后被人体吸收;有时也用来表示对知识、信息的理解、领会。与absorb的第二种用法相近。Do not undertake strenuous exercise for a few hours after a meal to allow food to digest.饭后几小时内不要做剧烈运动,以让食物消化。They learn well but seem to need time to digest information.他们学得很好,但似乎需要时间来吃透这些知识。

Incorporate :指一物或多物与它物相融合,形成一整体。The agreement would allow the rebels to be incorporated into a new national police force.该协议将允许叛军并入一支新的国家警察部队。The new car design incorporates all the latest safety features. 新的汽车设计包括了所有最新的安全配备。


Building sector interventions on ODS related issues (given that most of the energy demand in building is associated with the operation of the refrigeration and air-conditioning deployed), in order to engage with regulatory authorities like the Ministry of Urban Development, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, that have issued codes/standards for buildings and incorporate appropriate specifications for alternatives to HCFC-based equipment in these codes; promote HCFC-free building design and construction through local agencies such as the Green Building Congress; enhance the capacity of architects through the Council of Architecture, and prepare a template for amending curriculum in architectural institutes to mainstream HCFC free building design and construction.

建筑行业关于消耗臭氧层物质相关问题的干预措施(考虑到建筑物内的大部分能源需求与运行所安装的制冷和空调设备有关),为了让城市发展部、能 源效率局、新能源和可再生能源部等制定建筑物规则/标准的管理当局能够 参与进来并且将使用氟 氯烃的设备替代品的适当技术规 范纳 入这 些 规则 之 中;通过绿色建筑大会等本地机构推广无氟氯烃建筑设计和方程式;通过建 筑学理事会提高建筑师的能力,为修改建筑学院课程准备一个模板,以便将无氟氯烃建筑设计和施工纳入建筑行业主流。