object to(object to sb)

object to(object to sb)object

v.(to)反对,不赞成 [?b?d?ekt]

n.①物体,实物 ②目的,目标 ③(情感、行为的)对象,人 [?ɑ?bd?ekt]

I’d like to open the window if no one objects. 如果没有人反对的话,我想打开窗户。I want to swim further, but Jim objected that he was too tired. 我想再游得远一些,但吉姆反对,说他太累了。Their object is to have finished the job by the next month. 他们的目标是下个月完成任务。object to(object to sb)


object to doing sth. 反对做某事

I object to letting the matter stand over any longer. 我反对再把这事拖延下去。

object to sb./sth. 反对(某人);不赞成(某事)

If she does not object to it, why should we? 只要她不反对,我们为什么要反对?

Unidentified Flying Object 不明飞行物(UFO)object to(object to sb)